Princess for a day…

On saturday I packed my makeup bags and brushes and headed to Brisbane for Tamra’s Bridal party preparations.

I was greeted with smiles and a few nerves buzzing around the room. The hairstylists had made a start on the hair as I started to set up my station. One by one the girls sat in my chair as I completed their makeup applications… there was such a pleasant little chatter happening all the time, so calm and relaxed. I was also treated to some cute smiles from Master K (the Bride’s adorable 1 year old). He took a liking to wanting the attention of whom ever was sitting in my chair. I’m convinced he just wanted to keep giving me cheeky smiles!

I have looked after Tamra a few times before, but today was different. Her brief to me was ‘define my eyes’. To complete her look I used a light base of Face Atelier foundation completing with Elementwo Airbrushed onto the skin. It gave a flawless coverage! Using my Urban Decay Naked palette I created her eye makeup to blend from a light highlight through to a beautiful depth of colour through the crease and sneaking just higher to give definition. Crsip liner on the lid and through the waterline and lashes dressed up the eye… and WOW! Did her eyes pop! A beautiful darker pink flush to the cheek with highlight and NP Lipstick in Electra mixed with a gloss gave her the perfect (kissable) pout. Tamra was glowing! The girls were equipped with a touch up gloss and blotting papers to keep a lasting application (included in my Bridal Package).

I have since touched base with Tamra (before she and her new husband head off on their honeymoon!) I just LOVE hearing how the rest of the day goes…

Tamra’s favourite moments… “My favourite moment of the day was seeing my groom for the first time and seeing the tears well up in his eyes. It made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world in that moment. Oh and the fact that my 3 year old cousin didn’t even recognise me! He thought I was a princess!” Tamra looked amazing in her dress!

I also like to ask my Brides who and why they chose to support them on their day of days… “I chose vendors who not only had an amazing quality of work, but amazing personalities. Each and every person who helped me to get ready on my day felt more like a friend and it added to the atmosphere in the hotel room.” I certainly didn’t feel like I was working at all! Such a wonderful morning!

A few of Tamra’s chosen vendors for her big day were:
Photographer: KnJ Photography
Hair: Belladonna Brides
Florist: Olive Blooms
Venue: Hillstone St Lucia
Makeup Artist: Tyneale Hahn Makeup Artist

I had a wonderful morning with a fabulous bunch of ladies. You certainly were Princess for a day Tamra! Thank you again for chosing me to take care of you!

Below are a few images from the day. Thank you Kelly from K n J Photography for allowing me to share these!

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