‘I Do’ [Tarah & Kerry].

On saturday I had the pleasure of looking after Tarah and her Bridesmaids, usually at some point of the preparation things become rushed… or nerves start to flutter. But not today. Everyone was completely chilled out and relaxed, it was great to see Tarah really enjoying every moment of her day.

Tarah’s style for the day was ‘elegant’ and black & white. So we channeled this theme through the makeup keeping it fresh but still defined. For Tarah’s Wedding Day look I contoured and highlighted her cheek bones to give beautiful shape and ‘glow’ to her already lovely bone structure. We gave the definition to the eyes, shimmer to the lid while graduating depth of colour through the crease to the outer corner and blending for that soft and smoky finish. Defined liner for both top and bottow lash line completed the eyes. I believe the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and what better occasion then your Wedding Day to have them perfectly framed. The Bridemaids wore a similar smoky eye using matte shades and a stronger cheek colour to give them a beautiful flush against their black gowns.

As well as a follow up on Tarah’s big day, she has ever so kindly allowed me to include their vows, which they wrote themselves. I love how Bride’s add little modern touches to their day. Such a personal touch. I’m sure you will find Tarah’s both realistic and a little funny.

Thank you Tarah for chosing me to take care of you all on such a special day, it really was a complete pleasure to share the journey with you. You all looked absolutely stunning and I wish you every happiness in your happily ever after.

Tarah’s Big Day…
Venue: Boulavard Gardens
Hairstylist: B Indulged Hair and Beauty
Makeup Artist: Tyneale Hahn Makeup Artist
Photographer: Snap Images – Ipswich

What was your favourite moment of the day?
Our vows.
Kerry :
I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, Kerry James Wall, take thee, Tara Lee Woods, to be my lawful wedded wife.I promise to support you in your life endeavours I promise to always be your best friend, to be honest with you and to always be truthful I promise to continue to be the best Dad possible & I thank you now on the day that we marry for being you & for also being the mother that you are to our son.I promise to negotiate Xbox playing and football watching time with favours for you, such as foot massages and shopping sprees. I promise never to question any purchases you make, because I know that if you spent money on something it must have been necessary!
Tarah :
I call upon the persons here present to witness that I, Tara Lee Woods, take thee, Kerry James Wall, to be my lawful wedded husband.I promise to love you forever, even when I want to wring your neck and you, mine. I promise to be the best wife and mother to you, Cooper and our future children, that I can possibly be.I promise to be fair when it comes to you and your Xbox time I promise to baby you and to look after you when you are sick/ when you have the man flu, I promise that I will never get angry at you.

Who did you chose as your Wedding suppliers?
My mum did alot of it cake courses and made the cake. My Aunty is a florist and I googled ‘Wedding centre pieces’ and found the Wedding Shop in Chermside.

Would you recommend them to future Brides?
Definitely, they have some beautiful things.

What did you think of the makeup and service you received?
The make up was perfect, I honestly wouldn’t change a single thing, everyone complimented it, the bridesmaids were more then impressed and it was perfect for the entire day.

What advice would you give to future Brides?
Don’t spend more then $10,000 on your weddng, it’s not how the wedding looks, it’s the day itself spend time with all the guests, dont spend 4 hours getting photos, you only need one of you and your partner, make sure there is lots of food and beer and a photobooth to keep people occupied and the day will be perfect. We went WAY over our budget and could have been set up in a new house and still be a happy married couple.

Thank you to Snap Images – Ipswich for letting me share their sneak peek of Tarah’s Wedding Day.

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