Love is a place. {Sammy & Tim}

On the 14th of September I packed my kit into the car and headed off to a very special morning of Wedding preparations. Today, the blushing Bride was my cousin, and her nearest and dearest that I was to take care of, were my family. I absolutely love being part of each and every one of clients special days but on this particular day it was a whole different set of emotions. Alongside Sammy’s longtime hairdresser Kristy of Giggles Hair Studio (also her close friend) one by one we took care of everyone. Everyone was relaxed, the morning flowed beautifully, so much so we ran early! It was such a wonderful time to spend with my family, to really take their Wedding Day journey with them, from start to finish. And I can’t forget precious little Mia (the Bride’s excitable daughter, I’ll just call her my niece) who dished out so many giggles and smiles that made the morning so much fun!

After heading home to get ready myself and collect the rest of my family we headed to the ceremony for the much anticipated arrival of the Bride.

Sammy chose an elegant makeup style that delivered a beautiful glow. Using my most loved Urban Decay palette (Naked 2) I used shimmery shades to make her eyes sparkle and a kissable shade of pink for her lip. The bridesmaids wore individually styled dresses so we gave them a similar style each that complimented the Bride’s. I love how Bridal styles change over time, it is trending at present to have Bridesmaids wearing dresses with slight variations as well as hair and makeup. It means I can really personalise their makeup application to theirs and the Brides individual likes. Last (but certainly not least!) was my Aunt who wore a stunning red dress. We defined her eyes using my Smoky palette teamed with a subtle gloss lip. Everyone looked perfect!

When I attend a Wedding after being part of the morning preparations I can’t help but take a closer look at the makeup as the girls make their entrance – I have to check it still looks perfect! – But on saturday I couldn’t help but shed a tear. Sammy and her girls looked so beautiful walking down the aisle… and Mia was the cutest flower girl I’ve ever seen.

During the ceremony Sammy & Tim presented Mia with a beautiful necklace. What a precious memory to have. They exchanges vows, rings and their hearts forever. Finally… MARRIED! After the group photo I gave the girls a quick touch up before the photographer (Sarah of Timeless Tales by Sarzy) took them for their photographs. I had a quick photo with Sammy… the first thing she said to me was “I saw your tear”… busted! Ok Sammy, I publicly admit to shedding a tear!

We headed off to pre dinner drinks while the Wedding party had their photographs. Imagine this, Me, my glass of red wine relaxing in a country setting watching my children play (ofcourse my husband and Dad had a beer in hand), a great way to spend the afternoon. Once the Bridal party arrived, dinner was served and we all continued on the with rest of the evening festivites.

So here is what Sammy had to say about her big day…

Photographer: Timeless Tales Photography by Sarzy
Venue: The Ceremony was at Barton’s Rose Farm, Kalbar. Our guests then travel (roughly 5mins) to my Aunty & Uncle’s dairy farm at Harrisville, where we had done our own reception in a marquee up on the hill. It was perfect!
Florist: Red Ruby Couture & Floral Design
Dress Maker: Red Ruby Couture & Floral Design
Hairdresser: Kristy of Giggles Hair Studio
Makeup Artist: Tyneale Hahn Makeup Artist

What was your favourite moment of the day? Walking down the aisle … Finally getting to see Tim!

What did you think of your chosen vendors? Everything was perfect! My florist & dress maker is a lady who I’ve known for many years so I just told her what I had in mind and trusted that she would be able to deliver, she did a fabulous job! Having our ceremony on our relatives farm meant everyone could relax and just enjoy themselves! Our hairstyles were perfect and stayed that way all day and night. We knew most of our vendors which meant we could relax through the planning process, we knew we would be looked after.

And would you recommend them to future Brides? I would definitely recommend Rhonda (from Red Ruby Couture & Floral Design) to anyone, not just weddings! She managed the work load of my dress, my two maid’s dresses & all of our flowers (including for the reception). I could not thank her enough!
Bartons Rose Farm at Kalbar, where we had our ceremony is just beautiful! If you are wanting a simple but beautiful place to have a garden wedding I would go and visit them. It was the perfect place for our day. Kristy (Giggles Hair Studio) did a perfect job with our hair.

And advice for future Brides to be? Enjoy the planning, take time on your special day to sit back and take in what’s going on around you. The day goes so quickly! Everyone who is there are there because they love you and want to be a part of your day, enjoy it and have fun!

What did you think of the Makeup and the service you received? TYNEALE… I cannot Thank you enough! I wouldn’t have asked anyone else to play such a special part in our day! As usual, you did an amazing job and I know my bridesmaids and my mum felt great!! You were so patient with Mia and we were all able to relax (while we ran ahead of time!). I love your professionalism and calmness. I will continue to recommend you to everyone. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou xxx

Congratulations Sammy & Tim. May your happiness last a lifetime! We had a wonderful time being there with you as you created memories you will hold so close to your hearts!

Lots of Love from TJD, SMH, KMH & BJH xxxx

Special mention to Sarah of Timeless Tales Photography by Sarzy… Amazing images! Thank you for allowing me to share some of the shots from Sammy & Tim’s Wedding Day.

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