The Perfect Pair {Jess & Karl}

On the 28th September I headed to Gatton for an early start for a Bridal party of 8… this was no ordinary morning, not only were there many faces waiting for me, but those faces were little girls whom I’d grown up with, now beautiful young women! – Talk about making me feel old! – It was the day of Jess and Karl’s Wedding.

A little side note, those who know me or follow my work will know that 4 months ago our household grew from 4 to 5, with the addition of Oscar, our energetic labrador with a flair for fun and chewing up my things. Yes, just my things. Oscar came from the litter of Angel. Jess’ puppy! We will always be forever connected (and thankful for our precious Oscar who has a caring and protective personality – like his mother I am told).

Jess’ big day also meant a lot to her parents. They were celebrating their own Wedding Anniversary on this same day! What memories to share in! I know that Jess and Karl added touches to their day that reflected her parents own Wedding Day years ago. As I arrived I was greeted with smiling faces and the smell of a delicious breakfast being cooked, Andrea (Mother of the Bride) was so quick to offer me some – I really wish I hadn’t eaten before I left home! – One by one the girls took their place in my chair. The girls wore a natural but very elegant makeup giving definition to the eyes and a soft flush to their cheek. It complimented their dresses perfectly. Jess chose a similar style for herself letting her natural beauty and gorgeous skin shine through!

Jess and Karl are still away on their Honeymoon and I am so looking forward to catching up when they get back! So I took a moment to speak to the Mother of the Bride about her feelings of the day.

“I think I sobbed so hard in church because Jess picked 2 of our wedding choir songs and the service being a reminder of what marriage should be and it took me right back to our wedding day. And how we felt then with all our dreams for the future. And Jess has bought so much fun and laughter to our lives that it hit me hard in church that everything Jess and I had been through, now someone else is going to look after her. I know they will be just fine because we love Karl just as much as Jess and yes it was very special to see our daughter sitting by her husband at the wedding breakfast on our wedding anniversary . The whole day was so special and relaxed especially with the Hahn family singers and giving the day a very romantic country feel they were truly blessed and we were truly proud. Xxxxxxx”

Those Hahn family singers mentioned was my husband, 2 sisters and brother (to be completely correct sisters in law and brother in law but I love them like my own siblings). We were lucky enough to attend the Wedding and Reception and share the entire journey with them. Jess loves kids and my boys are no exception… BJH is usually quite shy, but is more than happy to spend time with Jess. Her caring nature has all the little ones wrapped around her little finger. Can’t wait for her to have her own!

jess & karl