La Bella Vista Beauty – E & B.

On the 5th October I headed of to La Bella Vista to take care of Erin and some of her nearest and dearest. It was a warm morning but the venue provided plenty of shade for staying cool. I arrived 10minutes early (a first for the road works being a convenience rather than holding me up!) I was greeted by Erin’s Dad, what a character! He gave me a little tour of the venue giving me a run down of all the handy work Erin had put into her big day! It must have taken her many, MANY hours to make and then decorate! It was simply perfect! There were beautiful hand made signs to direct you, peacocks, hand made bunting, chalk board signs… and so much more! – (Future Bride’s definitely take some tips from this one!!)

Erin and her husband to be had a theme that was a little different, it was ALL about them. Now I know how that sounds, you are probably thinking every Wedding is about the couple… but this couple had their favourite colours, foods, and styles featured which meant that nothing was uniform or followed a particular theme… a little bit ‘random’ as the Bride described but it all fitted so perfectly! There was even a Bag Piper for the ceremony! There was a rather busy vibe as I arrived – as many of you who have decorated a venue by yourself know there is much to do. But once perfect it was clear everyone took a big breathe and relaxed once more. Erin chose a very elegant look for her Wedding makeup, giving the attention to her eyes, a soft flush to the cheek and subtle lip colour. Simply stunning! I loved Erin’s choice of gown and hair piece, very unique!

I had a wonderful morning with Erin, her family and inlaws. I also enjoyed my tour before commencing the makeup, it isn’t often that I get to take in all the finer details of my Weddings first hand. I did catch up with Erin to chat to her about her big day:

Who were your chosen vendors?Florist: They were artificial!! Flowers by the vase (
Photographer: KnJ Photography
Hairstylist: Salon 312, Graceville
Venue: La Bella Vista

Would you happy and would you recommend their services?
I was so happy with all vendors for my wedding and would definitely recommend them. I also very highly recommend The Cupcake Taste at Graceville for amazing looking and tasting cakes! Our guests couldn’t get enough of them!

What personal touches did you add your special day?
I made all the decorations for around the venue and the reception myself, not only did we save money but it was great to see everything come together on the day. Also, our favourite food is Indian so we had Spice of India cater the wedding and the food was fantastic!

How did the makeup go? And what did you think of the service you received?
Tyneale was fantastic! My makeup was exactly what I was after which was amazing considering I did not have a trial before the wedding. Even though it was quite a warm afternoon my makeup stayed well into the night too! Mother of the bride and groom also looked amazing on the day and all the makeup was finished well within the given timeframe, I ended up ready on time with us all waiting 40mins for the groomsmen to be ready!! I really appreciated Tyneale’s quick replies to my emails with questions and concerns I had leading up to the wedding, made me feel completely at ease.

Special thank you to Kelly from KnJ Photography for allowing me to share some of the beautiful images from Erin’s day.

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