Finally Mr & Mrs McLean…

Saturday 26th October 2013 will be a very special memory for Kathleen and her new husband, this lovely lady has been a friend of mine for more than 10 years! She was also a stunning Bride!

Kathleen and I met at Club Netball on the holidays before I was to start High School, with her wicked sense of humour but still caring nature, she made an awesome team mate and a handy person to have around when I knew few people (yes we attended the same High School) – which is where she met her High School sweetheart and now Husband! So you might say I’ve had plenty of time to get to know Kathleen… I’ve been booked for this Wedding for about 1.5years, I still remember getting the message to let me know a date had been chosen and I was booked. In my time I’ve never seen Kathleen panic or worry about anything and the morning of her Wedding was no different… there were moments of rushing and few nerves but a glass of champagne quickly had that under control!

Carmen (my assistant for the day) and I arrived at the International Hotel to a room of ladies relaxing… it was wonderful! We were setup and in no time one by one the girls sat in our chairs and were beautified for Kathleen’s big day. Kathleen didn’t Trial her Wedding Day look, she has said one thing to me all along, it’s up to you your the professional. In other words she wasn’t worried and knew what I’d create for her would be beautiful and still allow her to feel like herself – Kathleen isn’t a big makeup wearer – I gave definition to her eyes by graduating the shadow from quite a light highlight in the inner corner through to a smoky crease, 3/4 lashes, a soft flush to the check and soft pink kissable gloss for her lip. The Bridesmaids wore a style that complimented their beauitful dresses, again we gave definition to the eyes with bolder highlights to the innner corner and also the cheek. The Junior Bridesmaids and Kathleen’s Mum were taken care of by my assistant, Carmen. She gave a beautiful finish to the young girls while still keeping it age appropriate as well as spoiling Kathleen’s Mum, giving her a lovely glow and shape to the eye and lip.

I have so many fun and funny memories of my time knowing Kathleen, I felt truely special to be relied on and a key component of her happily ever after. Kathleen this is my big “CONGRATULATIONS!” I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you about how everything went on your big day!
{See below for Kathleen’s thoughts and advice}

Florist: Flowers with Expression
Photographer: Timeless Tales Photography by Sarzy
Makeup Artist: Tyneale Hahn assissted by Carmen
Hairstylist: Amanda Wolff assissted by Belinda
Venue: Metro Hotel Ipswich International
Church: St Mary’s Catherdral, Ipswich
Chocolatier: Wiggies Cupcakes & Confectionary (Kerri, the Maid of Hounours’ business)
Videography: Cass and Kims Images
Cake: Robyn Dury
DJ: Party Pollutions

Why did you choose these Vendors for your big day?
Well the church is a given…. we are both Catholics and that church is amazing! Fr Paul Catchlove is just a gem! As for the Metro, a number of reasons – convenience of location, has bedrooms at same place as the party! Great food, great staff, and they could do as little or as much as u wanted. They can source and supply anything to do with your event; from music to decorations! Very affordable (again can work with any budget you have) and I didn’t have to do any clean up!!

What was your favourite moment of the day?
Seeing Steve at the end of the aisle!! I had to keep looking round so as to not run down the aisle. At one point, we had to stand (during church service) – I was soo excited I thought it was vow time, I got off my chair & started to head back to the steps to hurry up and finish, Fr Paul was great, he told me to get back to the chair, “always someone in a rush” he said.

I know you added some personal (and crafy) touches to your day, what were they?
Place settings/Bomboniere – we bought mini terra cotta pots, painted them the silver & purple, vista print printed our sticker design which we added to the front of the pot. Pink frosting made the Rok Candy and Wiggies Confectionary & Chocolates (Kerri the maid of honors’ little business) made all the chocolates that went into the pots. – Kathleen didn’t mention this but as we arrived I did see a beauitful display of a bunch of flowers arranged in a tall vase sitting on a round mirror with tealights and purple sparkles surrounding, my explanation doesn’t do this justice, Kathleen and the girls put these together too!

What did you think of your Makeup and the service you received?
Kathleen’s first response: Crap! I had a cry and had to do it myself!!! – Her sense of humour coming through there…
Kathleen’s second response: Amazing as always Tyneale!!!! All of the ladies absolutely loved their makeup!!! We were well looked after!!!! Carmen did a wonderful job on Mum and the junior girls were amazing!!! Their makeup was soft, natural but gorgeous (and most importantly) age appropriate – all the parents approved! Xoxoxo
Kathleen… I told you I’d include it!

Do you have any advice for future Brides?
Yes! LOTS!
Firstly, don’t rush!!! (Ok so u don’t have to date for 13years before getting married like us, u don’t have to have a couple weeks short of 7year engagement), but if you love each other now and want to get married, you will feel the same way in 6-12mths – give yourself time to plan!!
Something will go wrong, no matter how much planning something will not follow your plans. But if your calm, and planned enough it will be easily overcome!!! For me it came down to this simple belief: at the end of this day I was going to finally marry the man of my dreams!!! Providing Steve was there, Fr Paul & a couple of witnesses to make it official I didn’t care about anything else!!! Ok ok a little lie, I really wanted to look & feel amazing so I was happy to see hair & makeup show up!!

I think people can put too much pressure on the “unimportant” things of the day, the whole point of the day is to declare your love for your partner, to commit to each other in front of your family and friends. The rest is purely a bonus!! It’s this thinking that kept me calm and relaxed for the whole event (the lead up and during). Because I was calm, everyone around me seemed pretty calm and it all came together perfectly! It was the best day of my life so far! I think the DJ was getting worried, he only found out on Friday afternoon (around 4.30pm) what song we had finally chosen as our “first dance”!

If people are getting married for the “right” reason, there’s not much to stress about, it will all fall into place, the more attention/focus you put on the unimportant things the more you loose sight of what’s really important!! I wanted to enjoy the whole day and you can’t do that if your worried about the little stuff!! Oh and it goes without saying – pick your bridesmaids wisely! My girls were champs! They were amazing, they had fun, they were entertaining and happy! They didn’t grumble or whinge about anything!! Love them all to bits xoxoxo

Image by Timeless Tales Photography by Sarzykath 3


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