Alicia & Luke. MARRIED!

On saturday… I had a rather big day ahead of Me, but mid morning I was to travel to Toowoomba [such a beautiful place, and quickly becoming my most popular Wedding Makeup destination] and take care of Alicia and her nearest and dearest for her special day.

I arrived a little early which meant I was able to take my time setting up but also to meet the lovely people I would be taking care of before they sat in my chair. I knew there was something very special about this day, Alicia and Luke are from Adelaide but gave themselves 6 weeks to plan their Wedding in Toowoomba so they could have a dear family member attend. Both families (Bride and Groom’s} were so warm and welcoming, it was one of those dream mornings when you forget you are working. Everyone was so relaxed so I was able to chat as one by one everyone sat in my chair. It was while we were chatting that I found out Alicia and Luke planned their entire Wedding online! Being a destination Wedding I’d discussed what was to happen and preferred makeup styles with Alicia all by email. So we met for the first time on the day! This meant they had complete trust in the vendors they selected. The thought of this might make some brides-to-be nervous, but when you think about it, you really can find out so much about anyone or anything online, so perhaps Alicia was really quite well prepared.

Alicia sent through a couple images of makeup styles she liked but left it up to me. It was a little warm on the day and having an oilier skin type I used a primer that would help control oil and a layered base that also deals with oil well {along with the blotting papers in every complimentary Bridal Survival Kit} Alicia was set. She had the best brows! Teamed with a highlighted socket eye and lashes we drew the attention to the eyes, a soft flush to the cheek and kissable pink for her lip. It was exact to one of the images I was emailed as Alicia’s inspiration and simply perfect to enhance her already beautiful features.

The newly weds will be honeymooning next year, so this means I’ve already caught up with Alicia to hear all about the beginning of her happily ever after. Here is what she had to say…

How did you find and decide on your vendors for the day?
Living in Adelaide and trying to plan a Wedding in a place I had only been once and Luke only a handful times more was going to be a little difficult we thought, especially with only 6 weeks to plan. Although we had pretty much booked everyone in within the first 2 weeks.
Kate from Click Images Photography – We found her on Facebook and with a large variety of photos to look through, we felt quite confident that we would also receive beautiful photos. When we had arrived in Toowoomba we had arranged to meet her, the day before the wedding.
Toowoomba Flower Market – Was recommended to us by Lukes Nan, I’m not sure if she had ever used them before though. My bouquet turned out really well considering I had emailed a few pictures and then made one phone call for a quick chat. They sent me a quote and it was a very competitive price compared to others I had enquired with. We picked the bouquet up the day before and it was absolutely stunning!
Shane our Hairstylist – We’ll he is Lukes Uncle, We are very grateful that he was willing to do not only my hair but both Mums and Nan and Nanna. He did a wonderful job and I trusted him with my hair to do what he thought would look good with my dress. My only request was that I have my hair extensions in. It looked so natural, I was very happy and everyone looked beautiful.

What did you think of the service you received? Would you recommend them to future Brides?
Considering I booked everything online, I was pleasantly surprised at just how well it all went. It could have been a disaster. We were so happy with everything right down to the last details. I definately would. I pretty much put my trust in everyone, gave them small details of what I liked and they did the rest.

What was your favourite moment of the day?
I don’t know if I really have one favourite moment. We had a very stress free day which was nice. I think the highlight would have been being able to have our closest family there to share in our day. It was very special to us and something we will always remember.

Do you have any advice for future Brides?
We only had 10 guests and they were all family members. It was really nice and intimate and everyone had a great time. We didn’t need to plan out every single detail or map out exactly how the day was going to go. It just happened and everything fell into place. We were very lucky. I think the reason it all worked out for us was because we didn’t have strict ideas or high expectations on how it was going to happen. If it’s possible, try not to stress about things you can not control and if something doesn’t turn out exactly as thought, don’t worry about it, it will still be a beautiful day and it will be what you make it.

What personal touches did you add to your day?
I had photos of my grandparents that have passed away on my bouquet; to me they were there and were part of my day which was nice. We also have 2 fur babies and even though they couldn’t be there, they made their way onto our cake.

What did you think of the makeup and service you received?
It was beautiful, you did a fantastic job at making me pretty, you really know what you are doing. The service was fantastic and you are absolutely lovely. I’ve never had my makeup done before and it was all new to me. I felt very comfortable having you do my make up, I loved it. Thank you so much for making it a stress free experience for us all.

I also received these kind words from Karen, Mother of the Groom.
“Hi Tyneale…..thank you so much for glamming us all up for the big day. Luke and Alicia were absolutely rapt with your service, professional attitude and how lovely and personable you are. Thanks for making their special day that much more so!”

Thank you Alicia for chosing Me to be the one to take care of you all, it certainly is a huge compliment to be selected based on my ‘online personality’. I had a wonderful morning getting to know everyone as well being your Makeup Artist. Congratulations! Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and more!

More images by Click Images Photography to come but for now… an image snapped by a family member.



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