I now pronouce you, Mrs Sherlock!!

The 8th February 2014 finally arrived for one VERY excited Bride to Be, Danika. I was in for a real treat, today was not the first time I was looking after this great bunch of ladies – we all had a great time at their Trial/Ladies Day and one of Danika’s Bridesmaids was a past Bride! Was so nice to hear more about her big day! – so I knew we wouldn’t be short of smiles and everything would run smoothly.

Dankika chose a very elegant, vintage inspired theme for her Wedding. Such a theme allows for some truely soft yet defined looks… Delicate but effortless beauty! The girls wore a charcoal smoky eye, sunkissed cheek, soft lip and lashes. Wearing black dresses (LOVE!!!) we needed to give definition to the girls features in a subtle way to highlight the eyes. Danika chose something similar for herself, dressing up the eyes with a little more shimmer and slightly bolder lash. I love that she chose a darker (plummy coloured) lip. It was the perfect compliment to her vintage styling and her simple breath taking Wedding Dress!

One by one they all sat in my chair – as you get closer to the end you expect the nerves to show a little and overall, a busier vibe – but not today! Sure there were moments of rushing and perhaps a few nerves but well over powered by laughter and excitement. You just couldn’t wipe the smile from Danika’s face.

It really was such a fun morning, Mrs Sherlock, thank you again for having Me! I know you are going to love every second of your ‘happily ever after’!

Now that these two are back from their Honeymoon, I got to hear more about their big day!

Venue: La Bella Vista, Fernvale.
Photographer: K n J Photography
Makeup Artist: Tyneale Hahn Makeup Artist
Florist: Ipswich Florist
Hairdresser: Kapella for Hair, Fernvale.

What was your favourite part of the day?
My favourite part was seeing my future husband holding back tears & showing all his raw emotion. I don’t remember seeing anyone but Ben.

What personal touches did you add to your day?
Our entire wedding was a personal touch. Everything our guests saw, we did. The whole day, came straight from the heart.

In the planning process how did you choose your venue? Florist? Photographer? Makeup Artist?
We chose our venue purely by accident! I was working & slipped on the brochure for the venue! A few days later, my mum & I went for a look. My heart was set. I just needed approval from Ben. It didn’t take much convincing! I chose Ipswich Florist for my flowers as I knew they created spectacular Australian Native bouquets. Our Photographer, Kelly of K n J Photography was the easiest decision. Her images are breath taking, and best of all – she’s local! There’s nothing more rewarding than having the opportunity to support a local business, which is exactly what we did for majority of our celebration. As for our Makeup Artist… Well, I asked around and gathered a few names. The only one to reply to me in a professional, yet down to earth manner was Tyneale. There was no awkward silences when seated in her chair, or second guessing of her work. Tyneale is simply magical.

Do you have any advice for future Brides?
My advice to future brides is; Firstly, start the planning early! I started a week after getting engaged. It is worth it! Secondly, don’t take everything out on your Mum, she’s only trying to help!! And lastly, if you want it, do it. Don’t hold back! It’s your day. Like my husband said at our reception, at the end of it all everyone is there to celebrate you and your new journey, nothing else matters.

What did you think of the makeup and the service you received?
Our makeup was just beautiful. Flawless & light as a feather. Like I said earlier, Tyneale is magic! Her services & personality are second to none. I”ll be a repeat offender for sure!thanks again for everything Tyneale. I couldn’t have picked a more professional, yet friendly person to be there for us.

Beautiful images of Danika’s Wedding Day featured below were captured by Kelly of K n J Photography. [click the link to head directly to her website]

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