Claire & Travis <3

On a beautiful august day (a little overcast, but a back drop that would prove only stunning for photos!) I headed to Branell Homestead to take care of Claire her chosen ladies. Branell Homestead is such a wonderful venue, not far from Laidley but the views of the rolling hill take you to the country, not to mention how picture book perfect the Homestead always looks!

I set my station quickly as I had many faces to look after! Claire chose an elegant yet classic style for their makeup (which you can see in the slide show below by wonderful Kitanobo Photography who captured Claire’s special day). Since returning from her honeymoon I’ve managed to catch up with her… here are her thoughts on her perfect day…

What was your favourite moment of the day?
Seeing Travis’ smile when I entered the church.

How did you pick your bridal party?
My sisters were a given and I choose my long time friends (friends that I grew up with).

What personal creative or DIY touches did you add to your day?
Everyone chipped in to decorate the venue. They were very special moments because so many family members and friends put a lot of time in to prepare and then clean up.

Do you have any advice for future brides?
Make sure you keep all your wedding documents together. Keep a running record of costs. Make sure the quotes you are given are on written pieces of paper or email so you have a copy. Always make a second copy. Take the time to think about how you really what your day to look like and make sure you have ample time before the day so you can enjoy the ride on the day!

What did you think of the Makeup and the service you received?
The makeup was absolutely beautiful. It was a lovely classic style. I loved the chair you bought to the venue! I highly suggest taking the time to choose a lovely lipstick. It is essential for your photos. Choosing a lipstick takes a lot of time but it is definitely worth it. Tyneale I really appreciated you bringing the lipstick along on the day because it was one less thing that I needed to remember. The airbrushing looked great, even better than I thought it would turn out. I think having a tan worked well with it because I am so fair naturally.

Who was your hairdresser?
Alesha Dennien -she was amazing

Who was your florist?
Brisbane Florist Markets (table flowers were put together by my mother inlaw and husband’s Aunty) Flowers were stunning!

Your Venue?
Branell Homestead

Who was your photographer?
Kitanobo Photography

Claire, it was an absolute pleasure to be part of your day, I had such a wonderful time with you all! Wishing you a happy ever after!!

Images captured by Kitanobo Photography

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