Rachael & Duane <3

It was on the best day of the year (yes, it was my birthday!) that I headed to Albert River Wines to take care of some beautiful ladies… One bridesmaid in particular has sat in my makeup chair many times, it was so nice to be able to take care of her family as well! It makes my heart smile when my clients take me with them on the journey through their occasions and even more when it extends to their family, it’s like one BIG family! I felt super special, as soon as I walked in the door I was greeted with smiles, a beautiful bunch of flowers and many Happy Birthday wishes, what a perfect way to spend my morning!
Rachael and Duane chose a beautiful setting to start their lives together, although the surrounds were a little on the dry side (please let it rain soon!) the vineyards and surrounds of Albert River Wines were just perfect! We shared many laughs through out preparations, all was very relaxed… we even ran early! The effortlessly natural makeup look chosen by Rachael and her girls suited perfectly, of course giving a little extra definition to the eyes and complete with a lash.

Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness Rachael and Duane, thank you for having me on your special day! It was truly a great way to spend my birthday morning! (It also gave my husband time to take the boys shopping for my presents (which I didn’t know about) and arrived home to!)

What the Bride said….

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Make-up: Tyneale Hahn
Photos & Photo-booth: Andrew Leggett from Studio Metro
Flowers: Carolyn Hyde from Hyde Roses
Hair:  Holly from The Glamour Bar
Music: Greg Copeland
Dress: Demetrios gown, veil and alterations from Exquisite Bridal Redcliffe
Venue: Albert River Wines, wedding coordinator Jasmine Morcus
Celebrant: Martine Waters

What was your favourite moment of the day?
There are so many…how do I choose?! I would have to say my favourite part of any wedding is watching the grooms reaction as he sees his bride for the first time. It is such a lovely privilege to share in that special moment; to see the look of so much love, pride and appreciation as he watches his beautiful bride approach. So needless to say I couldn’t wait to see how Duane would react! I was a bit unsure as to what he would think of how I looked on the day. We had slightly differing opinions on what I would be wearing and I was keen to see whether I met his expectations. As I stood at the end of the aisle all those minor details of the wedding and difference in opinion faded into the background as I saw Duane standing there waiting for me. Nothing else mattered. We were just about to become husband and wife! We could have been In potato sacks for all I cared. So that would be my favourite moment, seeing the loving look on my soon-to-be-husband as I walked toward him down the aisle.

Funniest moment of the day?
Funniest moments had to be the speeches. There was lots of intentional humour which went over well but it was the unintentional humour that found us laughing the hardest. And whilst these were the funniest moments of the night they were also the sweetest. Amongst the jokes and laughter it was evident that our family and friends loved us very much and really did wish us well on our continued journey together. Speeches were not something I was looking forward to because you can never tell what another person will say. But with my dad cleverly turning my “things to avoid in your speech” list into his actual speech it was a hoot; I don’t know what I was ever worried about. My talented little sister rapped the “story of us” and whilst Duane was the brunt of a few jokes it really was a fantastic part of the evening. It really brought us out of the formalities and into the celebrations. Loved it!

How did you find ‘the dress’?
As I hinted to before, Duane and I differed on what I should be wearing. Mainly because I had been quite a Scrooge about costs relating to the wedding whereas he had cared more for making the day special. Having not ever had an idea of how I would look on my wedding day I didn’t really have a starting point/idea. I was originally thinking of something more cocktail-like and given we already had a beautiful daughter I didn’t think it appropriate to wear white. Champagne perhaps… My instructions from Duane were, if I walked down the aisle in anything but a white wedding dress he would run the other way! Now he wasn’t being as harsh as it sounds. I think, knowing my wardrobe, he was simply afraid that I would choose something multi-coloured or a bit ridiculous. With his opinion in mind I started the search. I was a little disinterested at first but after a few months of stuffing around I decided I just needed to lock something in. Inspired by a sale at one of the bridal stores (go figure!) off I went with zero expectations. I think I tried nearly every dress in my size just to make sure I was giving it a good chance. After a little consideration I finally picked “the dress”. I think what won me over was that it just seemed to fit so well and had a beautiful line. It seemed to compliment our theme of simple elegance. So Duane got his white wedding dress (don’t worry I got the colour in there with the shoes and flowers Winking face) and I felt really comfortable with my decision. After seeing the photos from the day I am even more pleased with my choice Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

How did you pick your bridal party?
Well that was an easy one. I had my two beautiful sisters. My family has always been there for me whenever I have needed them and even when i haven’t. We haven’t always seen eye to eye on things but they have experienced the best of me and the worst and they love me still the same. I have really enjoyed the bond that has grown between us as we have gotten older and could not think of two better women to have by my side on such a special day. That was one of the quickest wedding-related decision I made!!

Any advice to pass onto to future brides?
Don’t sweat the small stuff! No matter how much you plan there is still a possibility that some things may not turn out as you had thought/imagined. It’s not the end of the world and most likely you will be the only person to notice that it’s not right. Take time for yourself and just enjoy the day- you are getting married!! Yay! When planning don’t lose yourself in the detail. If u have a quirky side or love of something specific then show it! You can’t please everyone! Definitely plan before purchasing it will help your budget but don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of money (yes I just said that!) on things that matter. Don’t get caught up in the wedding hype though as you may end up getting stuff you don’t really need/want. That is about all of my wedding wisdom Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

What did you think of the makeup and the service you received?
I cannot recommend Tyneale highly enough. I have seen quite a lot of her work over the last few years, my sister using her services regularly for various events, and I have always thought it to be particularly beautiful. She was the first person I thought of when I was planning my wedding. I did not even consider looking elsewhere. Luckily she is super nice cause she said yes even though my wedding fell on her birthday!! Now that’s dedication to your craft! I don’t  usually wear much make-up (if any) so I wanted to look nice for my wedding but not unlike myself. Tyneale was able to weave her magic and give me the perfect balance of simple elegance without losing me. I was wrapped with the result and better yet I didn’t feel like I even had anything on! We had a lovely morning getting ready. Tyneale had also put me in touch with the gorgeous Holly who was responsible for my fabulous hair and everything was just so easy-going and enjoyable. The make-up was fantastic. I certainly put it through its paces with crocodile tears at the ceremony, rigorous laughing and dancing at the reception, an impromptu session with the musician and lots of kisses and hugs. Tyneale is definitely my go-to girl for any future events and I would recommend anyone looking for make-up for that special occasion to get in touch with her. Thanks heaps Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes


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