Taleah and Trent <3

It was Easter saturday, a little over cast but I could see big fluffy clouds in the distance I knew the sun would come out for Taleah’s perfect day! Taleah and Trent chose Branell Homestead to begin their lives together, a beautiful choice! {I could look at that country view all day!} Also great for potential wet weather with so many options of where to hold your ceremony and endless photo locations!

I was greeted by smiling faces as I arrived, and a surprise, I had looked after one of Taleah’s Bridesmaids before! {Her bridesmaid and sister in law… no I did not click to the same surname, I’m really good at recalling makeup details but names not so much!} It was so lovely to see you again Deanna! The morning ran smoothly and well on time, it’s always great to have extra time, it meant I got to know Team Bride a little better – such a beautiful bunch! – Taleah styled her day beautifully, and her vintage lace gown was even more stunning in real life! She selected a perfect colour scheme which suited makeup and hairstyles and her girls. Complimentary but not matching, a girl after my own heart!

Taleah and Trent, I wish you every happiness in your future {I know we didn’t meet Trent, but your wife is just lovely, lucky you!} Thank you for having me as part of your day!

A special mention to Melissa Design & Photography who captured Taleah’s perfect day, thank you for allowing me to share a couple of your images with the post!

Here’s what the Bride thought…

What was your favourite moment of the day?
Favourite moment of the day hands down was seeing my husband-to-be standing at the alter. Seeing his smile and hearing him tell me that the way I looked completely exceeded his expectations.

Any funny moments? Emotional moments?
Photos were a lot of fun. I’m excited to get them back so we can look at all the silly ones. My first emotional moment was when I looked into the mirror for the first time after having my hair and makeup done and imagined how my partner would feel when he looked at me. That definately got the tears flowing.

You and your girls were totally relaxed and full of fun on the day, any tips to help future Brides do the same?
We were very relaxed, weren’t we? Look I guess for me, at the end of the day, I was just there to marry the person I love and no matter what else happened around me, that was the most important thing. I just tried to focus on that. People can get really caught up about every little detail at a wedding but for me that’s never what it was about.
How did you find ‘the dress’? 
Love my dress! One of a kind. Vintage 1920’s lace. I felt beautiful in it. With the rain and the mud that inevitably came with it, the train got fairly dirty but it’s difficult to avoid that!
What did you think of the makeup and service you received?
Makeup – amazing! Tyneale, you do such an incredible job. My girls and my mum all looked stunning and I felt just as beautiful.
Any other advice for future Brides?
Just breathe, take your time and absorb in every moment because your big day will fly by!
Images by Melissa Design & Photography

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