Katherine & Steve <3

On the 3rd of October I woke with the birds and watched the sun rise as I headed to Esk to take care of Katherine and her beautiful bunch! I’m a morning person, it was such a beautiful start to the day! I will add my Wedding anniversary is the 2nd of October, a FANTASTIC month to be married!

I was greeted with a bunch of smiling faces and a couple sleepy ones (mind you we had a 4.30am start!) Our morning ran smoothly and well on time. Each face was perfectly flawless and elegant, I love the styles Katherine chose.

It was an absolute pleasure to be part of your perfect day Katherine and Steve! I wish you every happiness in your future together.

I recently caught up with the Bride to hear all about her perfect day, here’s what she said;

What was your favourite moment of the day?
Standing at the church doors with Dad, looking down the long aisle at my gorgeous groom and bridal party. It was hard to keep my head up and not cry!

How did you choose/find your dress?
My sisters and I went on a spontaneous shopping trip and visited ‘Luv Bridal’ we found an amazing dress (however I hated what it looked like on the hanger). We then took my Mum, Nanas and the girls to Luv Bridal to check it out! I almost cried when we tried the veil.

How did you select your wedding party, any advice?
I really wanted to have my two sisters in the bridal party. I didn’t want to have too many in our party but it was really tricky. I then picked my 2 very good friends. The bridal party wouldn’t have been the same without gorgeous Freyah (a pro at being in weddings). The boys were easy! Steve knew exactly who he wanted. It was more difficult to get their suits organised.

What personal touches did you add to your day?
We had rock candy lollies with our names, we also made sure we tried to make as many items as possible rather than purchasing too many items. My Dad made our cake table and table numbers. Sarah (sister) even made us an amazing lolly bar which was a huge hit!

What did you think of the makeup and service you received?
Makeup was absolutely amazing! We couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Tyneale was so kind, made things so easy and even got up at a ridiculous time to get to Esk, to then get to a second wedding after that! Each and every girl was so happy with their look and it lasted all day, ready for our photos late in the afternoon!

Do you have any advice for future Brides?
Enjoy every minute.. it goes way too fast! Steve and I came away from the day with such big smiles on our faces, we simply could not have been happier! Planning is really important for such a big event and it pays off on the day. Also, don’t stress over little things, find a solution OR move on and change plans: it won’t impact your perfect day if you don’t let it.

Big thank you Jess Hinchliffe who did an amazing job capturing Katherine and Steve’s perfect day and for allowing me to share a glimpse of the moments on the day.

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