Rebecca’s Perfect Day.

On the 11th of October, the BEST day of the year to be married (my birthday!) I headed to Aspire Apartments to take care of Rebecca and #teambride for her perfect day. When I arrived hair was well underway, the perks of having hairstylist friends! It really didn’t feel like work, such a breezy morning running well on time. I will add Rebecca and her girls spoilt me with a lovely card and box of chocolates!! I seriously have the best job and clients. I know Rebecca’s sister Courtney did help her choose me as her makeup artist, (thanks lovely!) and it was great to see her again.

Rebecca had her Trial a few weeks earlier and the brief was natural but beautiful, I love when Brides let you enhance their features without hiding them under lots of makeup. It truly lets ‘you’ shine through on your perfect day. (I must admit this style is a specialty of mine).

Rebecca I wish you and your newly wed husband every happiness in the future! It was a pleasure to be part of your perfect day AND be spoilt on my birthday! (Those choccies were delish! And I made sure to eat my favourite ones on the way home before my boys had a chance to see them!).

Rebecca has returned from her overseas honeymoon and I have had a chance to catch up with her… Here’s what the Bride said:

What was your favorite moment of the day?
It is so hard to choose just one moment. The day was so perfect in every way. But if I have to choose, it was when me and my father were sitting in the car, waiting to drive up the hill to the ceremony, holding each other’s hands and trying not to ball our eyes out. We were both so happy and my father so proud, it was just a beautiful moment.

How did you find/pick your dress?
As a plus size woman, I knew it was going to be a bit hard to find a dress. So I searched the internet and found a place that stated that that specialized in plus sized dresses. I rang them up, booked an appointment and was so excited. Once there I discovered that there were few sample dresses in my size and the lady had to use the laces on the dress to tie them to me. It gave me an idea of what I was looking for but I left feeling alittle upset and unsure. I thought I would never find a dress in my size that I would like. A few weeks later my sister and her friend took me to the Bridal Expo in Brisbane, and by chance we decided to look at Luv Bridal and Formals stand and started chatting to one of the ladies there. She was very friendly and assured me that if I made a booking there would be ample dresses in my size. So I made a booking and went in. Their store is filled with thousands of dresses in every shape and size and colour and style. The staff there were so friendly. I tried on 5 dresses I believe and was so excited when the first one zipped up! I knew that I wanted ruffles and Bec, the staff member helping me, pulled this wonderful dress with ruffles and beading and I fell in love! I never thought I would be the type of girl to cry when I found my dress but I actually did!

How did you select your vendors and would you recommend them?
Some of my vendors I met at the Bridal Expo. It really is a wonderful way to meet vendors face to face and get a feel if they are right for you or not. That’s how I met my beautiful celebrant Natasha Hill. She was the first celebrant I had met and she went through every part of the process in detail with me. She was lovely and kind and very professional. I remember walking away and my sister turning to me and saying “You need to hire her, she is perfect” And she was right. I also met my DJ and saw the work of my photographer. I didn’t get to meet Romana, my photographer, until after the expo but upon meeting her I knew she was a good fit. She is so vibrant and fun, and she dresses like tomb raider. She made spending hours taking photos fun instead of the chore the boys were dreading. All my other vendors I found online. Everyone has a website and a Facebook page these days. Its so easy to get a good look at someone’s work. My flowers were done by Bouquets with Bling, and online only store run by a lovely woman named Sharon. They were a major talking point with all the guests. My cake was made by Katie Young, another online only store, and it was absolutely divine! I ordered all my stationary from and made my center pieces and decorations by hand with the help of my lovely sisters. I would recommend ever single last one of my vendors. Their work was amazing and exceeded my expectations. They made my special day perfect.

What did you think of the makeup and service you received?
Tyneale is amazing. She is lovely and kind and very professional. As someone who rarely wears make up I felt comfortable and safe in her capable hands. She is very down to earth and easy to get along with. The use of air brush and traditional make up made it light and it lasted the whole day. I was worried about feeling uncomfortable wearing make up all day but after a few minutes wasn’t even aware of wearing it. I also looked completely amazing. I don’t think I could thank her enough.

Any advice for future brides?
Everyone is going to give you advice and their opinion. Listen to what they have to say, but if at the end of the day you don’t like their ideas, ignore them. It is your day, do what you want. Just because someone did something at their wedding, doesn’t make it right for yours.

A special thank you to Romana Saeheng Photography for allowing me to share the beautiful moments she captured.

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