Tash + Wayne <3

On the 10th October last year I traveled to the Bunya Mountains with my sister as my trusty navigator. It was Tash’s perfect day! We arrived a little early which meant we had the chance to have a little walk around, (my grade 6 camp was held at the Bunya Mountains) it was so lovely to be back!

We found the Bride and family adding final touches to the reception venue before following them up to their home away from home. Today was the first time meeting Tash, we had of course spoken many times by email as she lived many hours away. I later found out she had followed my Instagram (future Brides note: do this. Scope out the style you are after, and once you find your artist… BOOK THEM!) It was such a stunning location to hold your forever day, Tash,her girls and family were so lovely and relaxed it was sad to be finished and head home!

Tash, I wish you your Happily Ever After and all the best welcoming the arrival of baby Elmo (and his proud big brother waiting so patiently!) – Tash and Wayne announced their newest family member was on its way on as Tash walked down the aisle! It was my absolute pleasure to be part of your day, I thank you and team Bride for being so warm and welcoming.

I’ve had the chance to catch up with the Bride… here’s what she said…

Our day was so, so perfect. I didn’t stress even a tiny bit. We all had an absolute blast, and I’m so glad everyone had just as much fun as I did. We both count ourselves so lucky for everything working out so well on the day, and we are so thankful for all the travelling everyone did just to get there to help us celebrate!

My favourite moment of the day was probably when we arrived at the reception. I think that’s when it all finally dawned on me, and I became so overwhelmed with the amount of support and love we were surrounded by; it was mind blowing.

My dress was a gorgeous and so so comfy gown by Grace Loves Lace. I’d actually seen a picture of it on Pinterest and searched for (what felt like) weeks to track it down, and was over the moon when I realised I’d found it. No matter what dresses I looked at after that, I always came back to that one dress.

Our wedding party mainly consisted of family, and friends that had been by our sides for a very long time. The choice seemed easy to us, it was deciding on a realistic number of bridesmaids and groomsmen that was the hard part, we would have each had a bridal party of 30 people if our wallets had allowed us to!

Everything about our wedding was DIY, it was simple and relaxed. Mainly because we didn’t want anyone (our mothers!) fussing and stressing about anything on the day. We just wanted everyone to have a good time, and I think we succeeded.

My make up was stunning! I was so blown away with how classy we all looked! My bridesmaids and myself had never really been ‘done up’ before, we enjoyed it soooo much and I was so devestated to wash it off at the end of the night! We all felt (and looked) gorgeous! Meeting Tyneale and having her do our make up was such a pleasure, it was just like making a new friend and I love that! She definitely made me feel so comfortable and really fitted in to our chilled vibe, everyone loved her and I’d be so excited to work with her again in the future.

My only advice for other brides is so cliche and has probably been said a million times, but just enjoy it! ALL of it! Because it goes so fast. When we had sat down to eat dinner I was so tired and said to my husband “I want to go to bed now!” But ended up losing myself in the night and before I knew it, it was midnight and I was SO sad and didn’t want to go to bed! It really is just such a beautiful time, one that needs to be totally treasured and enjoyed.


Here are some beautiful moments captured by Lara and Susie of Tash and Wayne’s perfect day…

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