Tyneale Hahn holds all Copyright of all information presented on http://www.tynealehahnmakeupartist.com, unless a third party is credited. No part of this may be published (including commercial purposes), copied/reproduced/modified without prior permisson. Negative, defamatory or abusive comments will not be tolerated and removed immediately from this website.

The content on this Website is for general purposes only. It is informative regarding Tyneale Hahn and the services she provides and how they are conducted. For individual advice please contact Tyneale directly with any questions.

Tyneale does not hold or accept any responsibility for any information (written or pictured) that appears on this website when referenced to or is provided by third parties. Permission to display images/information content is always sort when owned by a third party (as well as all those pictured in any images). Where there is no reference (information or image) it remains intellectual property of Tyneale Hahn and her permisson will need to be obtained prior to it’s use or reproduction by any third party. When the author or owner is unknown the image/information with be credited as such.


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